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The AstroNuclPhysics system presents a number of interconnected scientific treatises in electronic form in the fields of nuclear and radiation physics, including some applications, the theory of relativity. , astrophysics, cosmology and scientific- philosophical considerations. Supplemented by passages from the field of culture, sacred music and marginally also a few observations and social views.
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About author

Excuse for errors and distortions:
The AstroNuklPhysics system is continuously supplemented and modified. I therefore apologize for some errors and inconsistencies that arise during the creation and editing, as well as for incompleteness - other topics will be added gradually, some passwords that are still inactive will be operational. When transforming texts from other editors, mathematical formulas were distorted and destroyed in some places - it will be gradually corrected. ...Thank you for understanding...

Apology to fellow specialists
If these materials are opened by a fellow physicist professionally working in nuclear physics and radiation applications (research, industry, medicine), theoretical physics or astrophysics and cosmology, I must apologize if he finds nothing new for himself and interesting. However, as I can judge from my own experience, reading something I already know from elsewhere can be a pleasure - especially when it is given from a different perspective .
  In specific specialized materials, I also try to overlap some of the neighboring disciplines (sometimes even more distant ones) and to put some special knowledge into the broader context of science.. So, for example, when reading X-ray diagnostics, Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine, a doctor can learn something interesting about nuclear physics, elementary particles and possibly about related processes in space. Conversely, in the chapters Nuclear Physics, Ionizing Radiation, Radiation Detection, a physicist can read about the processes in cells, the biological effects of radiation, the diagnosis and therapy of certain diseases ...

The Joy of Knowledge
Scientific knowledge of new, often previously unsuspected phenomena and the beauty of the architecture of their interrelationships, expressed in the laws of nature, gives the thoughtful person the ultimate joy of knowing "how our world works", what the essence of things and events is. This inner feeling is spiritual in nature, not unlike "religious ecstasy" or samadhi in meditation. This leads us to a deep respect for the grandeur of the hidden order and the "reason" that is immanently embodied in being. Through internally understood scientific knowledge, we can attain liberation from the shackles of pettiness and selfishness, attaining the spiritualization of our understanding of the world and refinement. mutual relations with each other and with living and inanimate nature.
However, there is still a lot we do not yet know and may not even know. More adventures of knowledge await us!
  The basic motive for the creation of these pages is the desire for knowledge - knowledge of the often hidden, innermost and most basic mechanisms and laws that govern our world. And a friendly sharing of inspiration and joy from discovering the beauties and secrets of nature and the universe with other colleagues and "soul mates" on this journey ...

I welcome comments, opinions and personal knowledge of readers

The Path of Knowledge
When a person embarks on a path of knowledge in his youth, he
does not know and understand almost anything. He has only an open head and a desire in his heart to know and understand everything . Then all his life he slowly walks along the shore of the ocean of the unknown and modestly collects shards of knowledge. At the end of his journey , however, he often has to admit that he does not know much more than at the beginning. He knew and understood a lot of partial knowledge of the functioning of the world - current knowledge fills us with joy! However, the innermost essence of all phenomena and events, the root cause of everything , is perhaps as distant to us as at the beginning ...? !. .
Personal limitations
One would like to know so much - to explore, to study, to understand, to pass on - but there is not enough time and energy… Today I understand many things that I did not understand before; but again I cease to understand other things that I previously took for granted…
For example: quantum physics (the essence of stochastic behavior of interactions?), electrodynamics (origin of electric forces, magnetism - what structure in an electron excites a magnetic field by its motion? field is an electron ??) .. and many more ... The question is whether it is a gradual "fooling around" with increasing age, or the fact that in youth one tried to quickly grasp and apply existing knowledge without thinking so much about the inner nature ..? ..
My view on the relationship between science and the development of society: The utmost modesty   in personal life and maximum effort in scientific cognition , along with the cultivation of culture, art, a sense of goodness and beauty. Only these values ??can be passed on to future generations; not transient material "goods." Keep your heart simple and mature to the wisdom of the spirit .
  It is a great pity that we have only one life, which is too short - just a small moment in the evolution of the Universe. Lots of amazing possibilities, different paths of life, knowledge, creation, beauty, is thus out of reach for us. Whatever path we choose (or this path is chosen for us by circumstances), it will be just one of many other possible ones, on which many unfulfilled ...
  I did not embark on the path of "collecting" scientific titles and ranks. Due to my personal modesty and unpretentiousness, I did not even aspire to public recognition, leadership or social status. I have no need to command or exalt anyone, nor to listen headlong to anyone - I only recognize the power of objective arguments ... My only "ambition" in this regard is to know and understand how our world works? From physical fields and elementary particles, through atoms, molecules, matter, to stars, galaxies and the entire Universe. And also life- biological systems. Although this is not my professional "parquet", I consider molecular biochemistry and genetics, subcellular and cell biology in particular to be the most interesting parts of science, together with "its" nuclear physics, astrophysics and cosmology ... And share , complement and refine this knowledge with other colleagues and candidates - regardless of their formal education, titles, ranks, social status (I do not need much inflated "elites" ...) . Even discussions with employees from other fields, with lay people or students who are just getting acquainted with the given area, can enrich our professional conception with new perspectives.
Physicist - " sunken patriot " 
With this comparison, it is possible, with a bit of exaggeration, to express my personal position - symbolically and literally. In terms of social attitudes, patriotism is really close to me in the spirit of our National Revival (" Czechoslovakia - our homeland ": Czechness + Slavism, with respect and friendship to all nations - internationalism ). And as a physicist, I move in seclusion , in an environment far from large research centers, financial resources and subsidies. Internally deeply passionate about his field, but mostly without the possibility of applying and enforcing his ideas, experiences and approaches. This is how it developed in life (a few notes on this are in the passages " About the author ", " Nuclear and radiation physics - author's notes " and "Theory of relativity, astrophysics - author's notes "); in general, it is largely due to the modest and introverted nature ...

Note on the thematic area Society - Philosophy - opinions - attitudes:
This thematic area is included in thespecialized pages of AstroNuklFyzika only marginally and expresses my personal opinions and attitudes, based on life experience. I always strive for an objective view and evaluation, without any personal interests and ambitions, regardless of the current ruling ideology and trends imposed by the mass media. Therefore, perhaps this view may seem nonconforming and controversial to some. Nevertheless, I will be happy if readers think about these topics as well. If any of you, dear readers, have a different opinion - which I respect ! - and my attitudes make him angry and annoyed, believe me, it is a misunderstanding : as people of good will *) we are " on the same boat " and in my opinions I speak for you, only maybe from a different point of view .
*) I do not assume that these pages will be read by people of will other than good ...
   I will only side with everything that serves the benefit of good and decent people , their mutual equality, freedom, tolerance, cooperation, justice, equal opportunities for education and all-round development. I then denounce the opposite phenomena and trends and call them by their real names . I believe in the prevailing human wisdom , goodness and nobility that needs to be cultivated and protected from willpowerselfish, proud and arbitrary people. This should be the main task of the left.
  If some of the readers do not know that this is a well-meaning view from another angle and do not want to think about it soberly and without emotion, then I would like to ask that instead of anger and negative attitude, they ignore this whole topic and not connect it with others. professional topics on this site. I always emphasize what unites people and not what divides them! I ask for kind tolerance for different opinions and attitudes, as manifestations of the diversity and diversity of our beautiful world .

§ May all beings be happy! §  
The three main advantages of man are:
Free will, knowledge and virtue.
Without knowledge, however, freedom is in vain.
Knowledge without virtue is of no use.
Knowledge without love gives birth only to pride.
Love without knowledge easily gets lost.
St. Bernard de Clairvaux

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AstroNuclPhysics ® Nuclear Physics - Astrophysics - Cosmology - Philosophy

Vojtech Ullmann

Where the "AstroNuclPhysics" system originated :
Occupational physics at KNM Ostrava-Poruba Electronic and physical laboratory
My desk with a development computer Side table with tools and literature
Physics cabinet after reconstruction Closet with physical-electronic teaching aids and tools
Department of Nuclear Medicine, University Hospital Ostrava-Poruba I prepared the concepts of pictures and texts at home (or in a cottage), then rewrote them at the workplace and redraw them into electronic form.

All images contained in the "AstroNuclPhysics" system were personally drawn or photographed by the author