Is the Roma problem racist?

After the coup in 1989, the " Roma question " is raised more and more often and with growing emotions . What's really going on? On the one hand there are the brazen theft , robbery, physical assault and absurd demands Roma (supported sometimes purposefully motivated lawyers), on the other hand, indiscriminate attacks by skinheads and other right-wing racist groups against the often innocent individuals on a third party a lump defense of Roma and blaming us all of racism by incompetent politicians and cultural figures (they might "sober up" if they had to live with the Roma ...). It is really difficult to find an objective fact in this mixture of opposing views.

As a non-participating observer, I would venture to try a modest, unbiased view , albeit certainly incomplete . I would briefly and clearly formulate the real essence of the Roma problem as follows :

At present, the Roma (Gypsies) are an objectively problematic and inferior group in our society !

However, not with their genetic predispositions (as racists claim), but with a very bad and devastating social climate in this relatively closed and isolated community. Due to this negative influence, the vast majority of Roma largely lack basic social responsibility, desire for education, diligence, moral restraints, the ability to voluntarily modestly and renounce, etc. - in short, a deep deficit those qualities which characterize noble people and condition harmonious coexistence, mutual help and cooperation with their neighbors and with society as a whole. (Has anyone seen the Roma, for example, plant flowers or clean up snow or garbage in front of a common house? - but the vandal destruction of allocated flats is almost the rule ... *). These vices significantly outweigh the positive features, lead to an enormously high crime rate of the Roma and naturally aroused the deep aversion of the majority of other citizens to the Roma. This closes the circle, which is paid for by those Roma who would like to prove something positive but do not get the trust and opportunity .
*) There are honorable exceptions, these Roma fellow citizens certainly deserve recognition! And Roma who have contributed to some good deeds should be more supported and given more publicity to serve as a positive example for others.

At the same time, the Roma undoubtedly have the same abilities and dispositions as other citizens. Were it not for the adverse influence of education in their community, the Roma could be decent, educated, hardworking and honest people, living in friendship and complete equality with all their fellow citizens. Roma parents make fatal mistakes (even a serious crime!) On their children by raising them in their current way to their misfortune and to the detriment of society as a whole.

How to get out of the vicious circle? I admit that I do not know and probably no one knows it .... Anyway, stronger promotion of education ! Perhaps the gradual disintegration of Romani communities and the dispersal of Romani families among others (while preserving Romani culture and identity , as it was prudent in the second half of the 20th century?) Could break negative influences and ties, including false solidarity with villains and gradually integrate Roma fellow citizens into society. This would contribute not only to raising the overall standard of living of the Roma, but also to enriching itsociety as a whole about the specific contribution of Roma culture and traditions. These are, for example, musical traditions, the desire for freedom, the rejection of burdensome conventions and the pursuit of property, fame, prestige, their conception of the immediacy of life "here and now" ...

Finally, to the question "Is the Roma problem racist?", Asked in the title of the article, I would answer :
The low popularity of the Roma stems not from the fact that they look a little different and have slightly different customs and cultures, but from the way they behave and act - at least the vast majority of the Roma community.
Our people are not racists!
- they only have their unfortunate experiences, which they sometimes generalize somewhat straightforwardly ...

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