Social opinions and attitudes - why are they so different in peoples ?

Opinions and attitudes
Members of our species called homo sapiens have largely similar or identical biological features of body structure and biochemical processes in our organisms. Also, the basic neurobiological processes in our brain are based on the same mechanisms of electrochemical signal transmission and the functioning of neural networks. Therefore, we all have roughly the same psychomotor functions. However, people's views on the interrelationships, functioning, and organization of human society often differ diametrically.
  Let's try to briefly think about what factors and circumstances influence interpersonal relationships, our social orientation, opinions and attitudes :

Conclusion - let us seek objective opinions, wise attitudes and actions
For some people, it can be difficult to break free from pettiness, selfishness, hatred, "black and white" vision, elitist arrogance, opinions that are being "worn". However, it is worth "working on oneself" and thinking objectively - so that we are not despised individuals who do nothing good for anyone and spread hatred and contradictions around them. But they have become wise people with objective and tolerant opinions, which others will appreciate not out of fear, sysophancy and envy, but for human qualities... Only such an approach can be part of true human happiness..!..

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