Methods and algorithms of mathematical analysis and modeling of scintigraphic studies

During research and development work in the field of physical-mathematical aspects of scintigraphy at the Department of Nuclear Medicine FNsP Ostrava, a number of methods and algorithms for mathematical analysis and modeling of scintigraphic studies were developed or modified, especially dynamic processes displayed scintigraphically. These methods and algorithms are mostly part of the OSTNUCLINE system and are therefore always described in the appropriate places in the monograph OSTNUCLINE: Comprehensive evaluation of functional scintigraphic studies on a PC .
Nevertheless, we find it useful to focus references to these methods and algorithms here. Clicking on the required link will call up a specific passage in the overall description of the OSTNUCLINE system, or appropriate separate work. To return here to the list of algorithms, click the "Back" button in the main menu of the web browser.

Fourier phase-amplitude analysis

Calculate the absolute Voluma ventricle
Method geometric
Method sample
methods of analytical-geometric

Automatic delimitation of the area of ??interest of the heart chamber

Quantification of flows by central hemodynamics

Quantification of short circuits, gamma-function

Image shifts and cross correlation

Mathematical analysis of blood-pool curves and nephrographic curves

Quantification of renal excretion fraction

Deconvolution analysis, transit functions and times

Quantification of perfusion relative Perfusion indices Hilson and Washid index

Condensed images, transport functions

Correction on gamma radiation absorption by geometric mean AP and PA projection

Filters, filtering of scintigraphic images

Theory of scintigraphic imaging and modulation transfer functions