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In this section of the "AstroNuklPhysics" system, some topics from the field of the theory of relativity , gravity , astrophysics and cosmology are discussed , as well as related philosophical issues .

There are syllabi of relevant lectures (Black Holes, Cosmology, ...) professional and popular, but mainly the electronic form of the monograph " Gravity, Black Holes and the Physics of Spacetime ".
On the border of physics, astronomy and philosophy is the detailed syllabus of the lecture "
Anthropic Principle or Cosmic God ".
The syllabus of the lecture "
Cosmic Alchemy " is again on the border of astrophysics, nuclear physics and chemistry.

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Author's personal notes:

In the following lines, I would like to make a few remarks about my personal relationship to the topics of the theory of relativity, gravity, astrophysics, cosmology, and unitary field theories; therefore, they will be uninteresting to most readers . They could perhaps attract or please only those colleagues who once set out on similar paths of knowledge, or inspire young budding.

My interest in the fundamental laws of nature and the effort to "come to terms" with the internal mechanisms according to which nature works, accompanied me already in the "basic primary" school. It began with experiments with electricity and magnetism (led by my unforgettable teacher F. Jáchym ), a private study of differential and integral calculus in primary school, an introduction to Maxwell's equations of the electromagnetic field, a detailed study of the electronics and communication technology of the time. At the time, I was undecided whether I wanted to do electrical engineering or physics.

The decisive moment was when I borrowed L.D.Landau-E.M.Lifšic's books: "Field Theory" and "Mechanics", a summary edition of Einstein's works and Raševský's "Differential Geometry and Tensor Analysis" in the 1st year of grammar school at the Olomouc Research Library. I could not then, of course, understand everything, but I was captivated by the beauty field theory , elegance variational principle of least action, symmetries and conservation laws, a powerful tool tensor analysis , breathtaking phenomena theory of relativity in Minkowski and curved space , heroic attempts to create unitary field theories , perspectives understanding the secrets of the construction and development of the Universe. Since then, I have been in a kind of "mystical captivity" of these ideas and theories, and to be honest, I have neglected to study other subjects (apart from chemistry, which I was also interested in mainly due to various pyrotechnic and crystallographic experiments).

I decided to study physics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University with the aim of focusing on the theory of relativity, field theory, astrophysics and cosmology. During my studies, however, I found out that I did not want to stay in Prague (I was very bothered by confrontational, non-collegial and unfair relations between people, as well as an exalted attitude towards the "countryside") and elsewhere I probably would not "enjoy" relativity & gravity. Therefore, I decided for nuclear physics as the main field and kept relativity, astrophysics and cosmology as a minor field, or "hobbies". At that time, I was quite disappointed, but further development eventually put it in a slightly different light (as I mention below in the passage below the picture) ....

I found quite an interesting "floor" of applications of nuclear physics in the field of nuclear medicine , where the results of research and development found immediate use in diagnostic practice. I dealt with relativity, astrophysics and cosmology as a side activity and prepared several publications and especially a number of lectures on gravity, black holes , relativistic cosmology , unitary field theories, etc., at the Czechoslovak Astronomical Society at the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences and the Union of Czechoslovak Mathematicians and physicists. These lectures met with lively interest and response; I was invited by the branch of the Astronomical Society in Ostrava to write this topic in writing in the form of several syllabi (such as the syllabus "Anthropic principle or cosmic God ") or summary monographs .

I made such a model of topological interpretation of electric charge in geometrodynamics from plexiglass and used it in my lectures on relativity, gravity and unitary field theories.

Thus, the book " Gravity, Black Holes and the Physics of Spacetime " was created , which aroused considerable interest of the professional public with a number of interesting stimulating discussions. On the other hand, it became the target of sharp enemy attacks some colleagues in the field of relativity & gravity (even after many years it is incomprehensible to me - there was no factual reason, nor controversial opinions on professional issues). I was all the more sorry that they were people I had respected before and from whom (probably naively?) I expected rather collegial sympathy for the fact that in difficult conditions and without any personal demands I tried to write a work that would be for many people helped to get acquainted with new interesting concepts of relativistic astrophysics and cosmology (at least I would welcome and support if any of them took something similar).
Just low ratios in CZ professional comunity..!.. One colleague said that it looked like "the gravity pulled some people down morally" *). In this situation, I acknowledged that I did not choose relativity & gravity as a branch of my "livelihood".ignore **). However, only on the outside, a certain bitterness and a feeling of disappointment remained subconsciously. At the same time, I see the main share of guilt in myself - with my lack of perseverance and low ambition, I probably don't fit into an "arena" full of intrigue and arrogance (my wife says I missed the craft, that I should have been a pastor or a Buddhist monk - perhaps partially true ...). A semi-popular version of the book, entitled " Gravity and the Structure of Spacetime, " was accepted for publication at the State Publishing House of Technical Literature in the " Popular Lectures on Physics " edition."and included in the publishing plan for 1989. All preparatory work was carried out, including corrections, but during the rate in the autumn of 1989 there was a political upheaval, as a result of which practically all professional publishing activities were stopped and reversed ..... .
*) Personally, I think that it is not exactly gravity, but a more general phenomenon in the human psyche ("somewhere the Lord God, or evolution, made a mistake in the creation of humans ..? .."). Science is done only by humans, with a whole range of known human qualities. So we can meet here not only nobility, wisdom, generosity, modesty, tolerance, but similarly to everyday life and the opposite characteristics and phenomena - lowness, pettiness, selfishness, pride and arrogance, hatred, unfair "competitive" struggle. And this whole spectrum can be enhanced by the high intelligence of the people working in this area of ??human action.
**) However, I welcome objective, factual and constructive criticism , justified comments inspiring a view from another angle, enabling the correction of errors, or a better understanding of the issue,..! ..
The electronic form of the book " Gravity, Black Holes and the Physics of Spacetime " presented here should to some extent replace the impenetrable new book edition of the work, which even after decades still remains the only one of its kind in czech literature.

Now I would like to write a few more subjective words about my relationship to certain fields of physics. My relationship to the general theory of relativity, electrodynamics, gravity, astrophysics and cosmology, nuclear physics, as well as the preferences of individual sub-regions, can be seen from the work presented on this site "AstroNuclPhysics".

My inner relationship to quantum physics is somewhat ambivalent . On the one hand, of course, I acknowledge its impressive achievements in the analysis and description of all phenomena of the microworld, absolutely accurate (in the order of ~ 10 -12or even better) agreement with experiments - quantum physics is undoubtedly a "true description of the microworld". Nevertheless, the approaches of quantum physics do not "resonate" quite well with my vision of a fundamental theory that allows me to understand the innermost causes of phenomena and events. Great (accurate) describes, but difficult to explain. Perhaps only the Feynman approach of quantization of trajectory integrals goes deeper into the essence of the connection with the variational principle of least action and approaches to field theory. It is somewhat similar to deBroglie's wave explanation of Bohr's postulates of quantization of electron paths in an atom, for which there was no explanation at the time (other than empirical).

I do not know whether this relationship to quantum physics is based on my inner foundation, or whether it was subconsciously suggested to me by the study of Einstein's work in the first year of high school, when I was not yet sufficiently familiar with quantum mechanics. Einstein expressed his distrust of the stochastic nature of quantum mechanics with the famous statement " I do not believe that God plays dice with the world ". In connection with his formulation of the hypothesis of quantum evaporation of black holes, Einstein's statement was paraphrased by S. Hawking with the words " God not only plays dice with the world, but sometimes throws them even where they are not visible ." The development of physics so far proves Hawking right. Nevertheless, in the "hidden soul" I secretly hope that one day there will be some hidden mechanism that is " behind"the phenomenal randomness and stochasticity of quantum physics ..? ..

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