Internet - publication of professional materials

Ways of publishing professional materials
Everyone who works professionally in a certain field of science, technology or other field, at certain stages of his work has the need or obligation to communicate his knowledge, observations, research results, knowledge, etc., to other colleagues in the field, professional or and the general public. On the contrary, he uses professional publications of other authors as a source of knowledge, inspiration or comparison in his own work. In addition, professional publications can be a source of instruction , cultivation and broadening of the mental horizon for other people interested in even completely different areas of science, culture, manual work - for "contemplative and thoughtful souls".
Professional materials can be presented and published in four basic ways:

Publication of professional materials on the INTERNET
We will mention in points some basic advantages and disadvantages of the presentation of professional materials on the Internet.

Advantages :

Disadvantages :

Conclusion - praise of the Internet
However, the overall evaluation of these points for and against, as well as other circumstances and experiences, in my opinion is in favor of the presentation of professional materials on the Internet.
Disgusted and tired of the constant haggling with reviewers, opponents and behind-the-scenes intrigues, in recent years I have preferred the electronic presentation of professional materials. At the same time, I welcome all substantiated and constructive comments , I like to discuss them and take them into account when editing professional papers; however, I am spared the obligation to respect unconstructive and unfounded comments or personally motivated invectives and attacks. This is how the " AstroNuclPhysics " website was created, on which a number of publications of all 4 types mentioned above are processed in electronic form, eg :

Gravity, black holes and space - time physics - monograph, univ. textbook
Nuclear physics and physics of ionizing radiation - book dissertation, textbook
Anthropic principle or cosmic God - philosophical-scientific lecture
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