Fratricidal war in the interest of the Western powers

Criminal fratricidal war caused by the fascist putsch -

A brief outline of the historical background
The historical roots of the state in a large area inhabited by Eastern Slavs date back to the 9th-11th centuries, when a "federal" conglomerate of several principalities (later called Kievan Rusia) was formed here, which defended against Tatar and Mongol invasions. In the 16th century the individual Russian cities were united under Moscow (Novgorod also played an important role), from which the Russian Kingdom (
under the rule of the tsar) emerged. Russia was then divided according to language groups and territories into Great-Russia, Belarus and Little-Russia. The name Ukraine at that time meant the border territory of Little-Russia - "Ukrajina = landscape on the edge". After the First World War, the name Ukraine spread to the entire former Little-Russia, and after the Civil War the Ukrainian Socialist Republic was established in 1922, as part of the USSR. Apart from Ukrainians, also Russians live here, with a smaller representation of Romanian, Moldovan, Hungarian, Bulgarian and Polish nationalities (most of the formerly numerous Poles were murdered by fascist Ukrainian nationalists).
   Both major nations, inhabiting the territory of today's Ukraine, belong to a large "family" of Slavic nations
(this group includes nations: Polish, Czech + Slovak, Russian + Ukrainian + Belarusian, Bulgarian, Serbian + Croatian + Slovenian...). True, there are certain differences in the linguistic and cultural as well as social traditions of the inhabitants of Ukrainian and Russian nationality. However, these differences, including differences in the economic level, have been successful since the 1920s. gradually leveling off and for decades (with the exception of the tragic years of World War II, when some forces in Ukraine shamefully sided with the German aggressors) Ukrainians and Russians lived harmoniously together *) in their common homeland and with their differences they complemented and enriched each other (we can leave out some excesses here, especially during the Stalinist dictatorship, often used as an excuse for contradictions).
*) Historical contradictions, Ukrainian nationalism
However, the historical development of relations between Ukrainians and surrounding nations and states was very complex and contradictory. Tsarist Russia, Poland and Hungary did not recognize Ukrainians as an independent nation
(only Slovaks and later Czechoslovakia were accommodating to Ukrainians - Subcarpathian Ukraine). In response to the resulting national oppression, Ukrainian nationalism developed. It would be perfectly understandable and legitimate if it were a patriotic effort to create its own Ukrainian state (just as Czech non-violent National Revival eventually resulted in its emergence from German oppression and the creation of an independent Czechoslovakia). Even sharper battles against those of oppression, power and repressive forces could be tolerated. Unfortunately, the situation developed differently. Hateful and despotic chauvinists, who promoted violence, terrorism and the murder of their fellow citizens (who would not usually reject the creation of a Ukrainian state), mainly of Polish and Russian nationality, but also Ukrainians, who disagreed with this violence and refused to join, came under the leadership of Ukrainian nationalities.
   During World War I, the "Union for the Liberation of Ukraine" was founded, later the "Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists". This organization, led by radical activists A.Melnyk
(he was more moderate) and militant S.Bandera, committed terrorist attacks and murders in the USSR and Poland, after 1933 with the support of Hitler's fascism. This criminal activity culminated after the invasion of the USSR by Nazi Germany. Nationalist forces in Ukraine shamefully sided with the German aggressors and used the situation to burn villages and kill mainly Poles, Russians and other nationalities (they murdered more than 100,000 civilians, the brutality of the Banderas was also condemned by the Hitler SS!). The horrific crimes of the Banderas can only be compared to the Ustasha rampage in Yugoslavia (see "Yugoslavia"). A few months after the end of World War II, some of the terrorist actions continued by S.Bandera from his staff in the American occupation zone in Germany (democratic Americans somehow didn't mind ...; - they were already preparing for the Cold War). Hence the name "Banderas" for Ukrainian nationalists and terrorists (although S.Bandera was unfortunately not the only chief of nationalist assassins in Ukraine..).
   After the end of World War II, all nationalism was again eliminated in the Federal Republic of Ukraine, the opposite tendency was promoted - internationalism, tolerance and cooperation of all nations. Relations with neighboring states were also at a fairly good level and there was a real chance to gradually forget to past contradictions and hostilities. However, the situation began to change after the disintegration of the Soviet Union.
The disintegration of the USSR, the dissolution of the Warsaw Contract, NATO expansion
After the disintegration of the USSR, the Warsaw Contract was dissolved, but unfortunately not the North Atlantic Alliance by parity. It was only promised, that NATO would not expand eastward, that former Warsaw Contract members would not join NATO. Russia then offered Western states a cooperation and peace partnership agreement, that would overcome the contradictions of the previous period of the "Cold War". However, the USA did not accept it, it leaned towards the continuation of the "Cold War" against Russia and instead of the agreement directed the entry of almost all former members of the Warsaw Contract into NATO (without a civil referendum...). The Baltic States are also becoming members of NATO. This unbalanced situation has become one of the main factors of instability and violence in the regions of Eastern Europe.
Declaration of an independent Ukraine
In 1991, an independent republic of Ukraine was proclaimed, with L.Kravchuk becoming its first president. The first impulses to instability were the very poor economic situation of Ukraine (similarly to other post-socialist countries, most of the industry and the economy as a whole, was stolen and liquidated), but nationalist groups have already begun to form. In June 1994, L.Kuchma was elected president, and there was a partial stabilization. During the 2004 elections, there were sharp disputes and riots, in which the individual parties accused of manipulating the elections. These riots resulted in the so-called "Orange Revolution", during which V.Yushchenko and J.Tymoshenko came to power. At this time nationalist forces received more support and increased the corruption. In February 2010, however, V.Yanukovych was elected president, J.Tymoshenko was in 2nd place in the number of votes (again, disputes arose over the election results). There was a temporary, but rather unstable, democratic situation.

Fratricidal Civil War
American coup in Ukraine
In February 2014, a series of demonstrations and riots in western Ukraine, especially in Kiev, caused by a mass propaganda campaign by nationalist forces
(and directed by secret services from the West, especially the United States; the pretext was to postpone the signing of a treaty with the European Union). The center of these events happen Square of Independence in the middle of Kiev - Maidan Nezalezhnosti, abbreviated Majdan (from Arab. Majdan, Maydan, Meydan, = Midan Square, more space, park). Hired armed provocateurs caused shootings with the police, several people were shot, this provoked further waves of passion and violence.
   These riots and demonstrations resulted in a fascist putsch *) who forcibly overthrew the current duly elected democratic government with president V.Yanukovych. The militant nationalist P.Poroshenko came to power
(originally as a puppet of the Western initiators of the coup, but his fundamentalism later "grew over their heads").
*) Simply put, American military and economic circles need "allies" - accomplices - for their robbery expeditions.. To campaign against Russia, to obtain its resources, they prepared Ukraine as a political and military platform, where they directed and paid for a violent coup against the legitimate government, installed a fascist junta and thus provoked a civil war ...
   Instead of a moderate and realistic policy of tolerance between the two main nations in Ukraine and balanced cooperation with the West and Russia, nationalist anti-Russian chauvinism broke out. As a result, the Russian part of the Ukrainian population, living mainly in the eastern regions, rightly felt threatened by persecution or even genocide by the new Kiev regime. This process is really carried out by the so - called "Right Sector" - groups of far-right nationalist and militant forces in the spirit of the fascist tradition Bander Nationalists
(mentioned above). with the terrorist armed military unit Azov. The consequence of this situation is self-defense activities of residents especially the eastern regions of Ukraine, against which current Kiev regime leads cruel fratricidal war (called the separatists). Ukrainian army (and the cooperating bandits of the Right Sector) massacre their fellow citizens on the orders of self-proclaimed rulers from Kiev - they unleashed real terror against them ! The main "wrongdoing" of these citizens was the "insolence" that they continued to dare to speak their mother tongue, which the nationalists to prohibit.
Specific Ukrainian fascism
Ukrainian fascism has its specifics, it is different from the known German fascism. As outlined above in the historical overview, it developed in conditions where individual areas of Ukraine were under the domination of neighboring states. His main property is the tense nationalism, which was imprinted on him by certain personalities - despotic chauvinists who came to lead emancipation efforts. Terror, violence, murder, liquidation of fellow citizens of other (although mostly close - Polish, Russian) language groups ...
And why are fascist tendencies in Ukraine doing so well now? Unlike democratic states, where these forces also occur, but are they reasonably subdued? The main reason is that they have received strong support from the current Kiev government in Ukraine!

   President Poroshenko and members of the current government do not hide their intention to build a strong Ukrainian army, the strongest in Europe. Which would be able to forcefully promote nationalist interests according to the infamous slogan "Glory to Ukraine!"
(often accompanied by the hailing and swastikas), in whose spirit tens of thousands of people were murdered. And the West supports these efforts in the hope that they will turn against Russia.
   In persecution-affected regoins in eastern Ukraine, two autonomous republics were established: Donetsk and Lugansk
(according to the name of the capitals). Their leaders and most citizens do not want complete secession from Ukraine (or accession to the Russian Federation), but only an end to violence, autonomy and respect for human rights. Nevertheless, the Kiev junta does not recognize them and is waging a fratricidal civil war against them.
   It is logical that the defense against such brutal violence cannot be peaceful, but legally armed, with all the tragic consequences on both sides. He who peacefully reconciles with swindler and violence
(even genocide) is often ruthlessly swept away and ends up in the "abyss of history", or "the dog does not bark at him". Unfortunately, "injustice and ingratitude rule the world" *)! Bander's "right sector" activists would shoot or undercut all citizens of a different opinion in the blink of an eye who would not be able to defend themselves.
*) With my attitudes I try to oppose against it within my modest possibilities (not only in this case) and I am certainly not alone. However, our voice is too weak to reach the hearing of those who have the ability and power to make decisions ...
   Besides many the massive propaganda "brainwashing" of Ukrainians, most of whom are now convinced of the hostility or inferiority of their Slavic brothers in the East, has caused enormous
(and long-term irreversible) moral damage in the minds of innocent people. Chauvinistic propaganda is quite effective from a psychological point of view for many people - it is very convenient to blame all your mistakes and failures on someone else, on alleged enemies. And logically, citizens of Russian nationality, against whom the current Kiev chunta is leading persecution and terror, will feel the hostility and badness of the Ukrainian nation as such ...
The Ukrainian uniat Church of Ukraine also played an unfortunate role in spreading hostility, which is very intolerant of Orthodox believers.
   Divide and rule!” - Is the historically proven motto of the emperors. An intense anti-Russian propaganda campaign in Ukraine was directed by experts from the US secret services. In order to antagonize former partners Russia and Ukraine, first conquer Ukraine and use it to strengthen its military superiority over Russia.
   Neighboring Russia, of course, sympathizes with its compatriots who have fallen into this distress and is trying to help them, but due to compliance with the rules of international politics, it is proceeding very moderately
(mainly thanks to the realistic and far-sighted president). Nevertheless, it became the target of propaganda hysteria in the Western mass media (ours usually joined sycopantic...), especially under the pretext of reunification of Crimea :
Connection (no-"annexation"?) of Crimea
Within the Soviet Union, Crimea was ceded to the Ukrainian SSR in June 1954
(on the initiative of N.Khrushchev; hard to blame for it, hardly anyone could have guessed how a friendly country would turn in 50 years..!.. - in the interest and direction of a foreign power). After the proclamation of the independent Republic of Ukraine in 1991, Crimea was an autonomous independent republic of Crimea with its own president and constitution. Under the current Ukrainian constitution, he had the right to declare independence through a referendum. After the Kiev coup, a referendum was held in Crimea, in which about 96% of citizens voted for independence. The Crimean parliament then asked to join the Russian Federation. The Russian Duma soon approved it, making Crimea part of Russia - it was done legally under both the Ukrainian, Crimean and Russian constitutions. This was not an anexation, but the result of a citizens' referendum ! It was done in a peaceful way, without a single shot, no one was killed. A certain contingent of Russian soldiers (about 20,000, according to the agreement between Russia and Ukraine) was already in the Crimea, these troops managed the port of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol; after joining was strengthened and they also participated in the defense of the newly formed Federal Republic of Crimea.
   The current Kiev government strongly opposed this and it did not suit Western interests either - a massive anti-Russian campaign was launched. But it is a fact that the people of Crimea were thus saved from the aggression and terror of the current Kiev regime.

Note: Hypothetically, if a serious democratic government were established in Kiev in the future, a new referendum could take place in Crimea, on the basis of which the parliament would declare independence and possibly asked to join Ukraine - in a similar legal way mentioned above. However, this scenario is very unlikely...
   There were also compelling political and defense reasons. The USA (which organized the coup in Ukraine) planned to establish its military base in Crimea, as it is the only port in the area where large warships can be moored. The Russian Federation would thus be pushed out of the Black Sea, and the United States would immediately threaten it with short-range missiles. The broader plan of the USA and NATO is to establish offensive military bases in Ukraine in the immediate vicinity of the borders of the Russian Federation *)...
   *) Can anyone imagine, how the US would react to an attempt to deploy Russian missile bases on the Mexican side of the US-Mexico border..?..

The fraternal nations, inhabiting the territory for many decades of relatively prosperous Ukraine, were once again plunged into strife, hostility, murder in military and civil war, social and economic decline ...

This absurd civil war cannot be "won" and, if either party temporarily succeeds, it will be "Pyrrhic Victory". A divided and internally divided country with a hostile population and unfair relations with neighboring states will be a source of constant tension, unrest and trouble! Ukraine, in which the current Kiev regime would forcibly win, would become a parasitic and morally burdensome burden - it would still reach out for subsidies, plunder its mineral wealth with foreign capital, set up offensive military bases on its territory, and would servile support every evil of rich and powerful circles longing for world domination. Let's believe that doesn't happen, or at least not for long. Proud yet tolerant and there is undoubtedly enough cultured people in Ukraine, only they are not yet "heard" in the cries of political fraudsters and hateful riots.

What could be a reasonable and fair solution to the Ukrainian crisis ?
In the current situation, the only reasonable and viable solution seems to be the federal arrangement and the complete disarmament and neutrality of Ukraine ..? ..
It would dampen nationalist hatred and violence between the citizens of the individual autonomous republics within Ukraine, the central government could not afford to persecute fellow citizens of different nationalities or political orientations. Fascist groups would be gradually eliminated. And from a global political perspective
(in today's unfortunately still politically divided world of the "Cold War") it would stop NATO's eastward expansion, with military bases to Russia's immediate borders (which is unacceptable for Russia)... Balanced relations and cooperation with Western countries and neighboring Russia would also be beneficial for Ukraine.
   The previous president V.Janukovic was sometimes criticized for being reluctant to sign an association an association agreement with the European Union (following a review of some unfavorable conditions would likely finally signed). The current Ukrainian government is eager to offer a swift signing of this agreement. However, in the current situation, it would be extremely honest and prudent of EU officials to refuse to sign this agreement now, or made it conditional on respect for fundamental democratic rights and, above all, an immediate cessation of violence and murder of its citizens in the eastern part by the Ukrainian government!
This did not happen; on 27 June 2014, for political reasons, the economic part of this association agreement was signed in Brussels. The EU is thus probably "cooked" for serious problems, perhaps in the near future ..?..

An attempt at an objective view
I do not find it useful in this text to "parrot" the untruths and half-truths that that manipulated propaganda spews at us every day. The purpose of our reflection is not controversy, but the pursuit of an independent view from a different angle. Some readers who have uncritically accepted what is officially presented to them may be irradiated. Let them remain calm, I respect their opinion and I do not impose anything on them. However, I believe that many readers who are used to thinking on their own and have avoided "brainwashing" will think that everything is much more complicated and the truth can sometimes be completely different -
(maybe elsewhere than I think..?!..). I welcome your personal opinions and observations.
   In any case, I consider war, as an extreme manifestation of violence, to be the greatest crime and scam. In this respect, I condemn both parties. I assure that I have no personal ties or interests to either side, my only motivation is to strive for a true objective view and a fair assessment. Lest we condemn the victims when they try to defend themselves and celebrate the attackers and killers..!..
   I am aware that in this reflection I venture into "thin ice": as a physicist contemplating in silence a laboratory over the mysteries and laws of nature and the Universe
(and partly so detached from ordinary life), I do not know politics and I'm not even interested in her. So I'm not competent *). However, the reason for my position is not political, but moral.
*) On the other hand, a certain "training" in the methodology of scientific research, based on objective critical and skeptical reasoning ("
Natural Laws, Models and Physical Theories"), taught me a certain judgment and "immunity" to quackery, propaganda manipulation and demagoguery of everything kinds. I can "read between the lines" a bit and even if not professionally, I intuitively (from phraseology and the way of argumentation) I sense and know a lie or half-truth ...
   Note: This is just a provisional version my discussion opinion on this sad matter, written in July 2014. It will gradually be amended and supplemented. And since, unfortunately, tragic events are still going on, we also occasionally update ...

Update 2015 :
Minsk agreements
In the Belarusian capital of Minsk, on the back of broad diplomatic negotiations, under the auspices of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, two peace agreements were concluded between Ukraine, the Russian Federation, the Donetsk and Luhansk Republics, which should end the civil war in eastern Ukraine in the Donbas region. The first "Minsk I" was signed in September 2014, the second "Minsk II" in February 2015
(when the first agreement failed to be fulfilled; French President F.G. Hollande and German Chancellor A. Merkel were also present). It was agreed to stop the fighting, to withdraw the heavy military equipment of both sides to the agreed distances. Furthermore, municipal elections were to be held, then as part of the constitutional reform, decentralization and the "special status" of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, with local self-government.
   Unfortunately, the cessation or mitigation of the Ukrainian civil war was only short-lived, both sides accuse each other of violating the ceasefire and the Minsk agreements. There are also opinions among politicians, that the Minsk agreements are not even planned to be fulfilled by the West, but serve as a way to gain more time for the intensive arming of Ukraine so that it can militarily "solve" the civil war
(by murder, genocide) and turn this power even against Russia...

Update 2019 :
Some hope
for reasonable and just solution to the Ukrainian crisis could perhaps now dawn after the elections in 2019, when the previous militant president P.Poroshenko was replaced by a more democratically oriented president V.Zelensky and his party "Servant of the People" won a significant majority in parliament. Perhaps this president will be able to organize a federal order in Ukraine, that will quell violence and nationalist hatred
(if militant pressure from fascist groups and Western interference allows it) ..?..
   Unfortunately, this did not happen. It's hard to say whether it was because the Ukrainian fascists or NATO didn't allow him to, or because he himself decided to join the side of violence and enmity ..?..

Update February 2022 :
A tragic war turnaround !
On February 24, 2022, unfortunately, there was a tragic turnaround: the Russian army crossed the border and launched an invasion and military occupation of Ukraine. This senseless act, in addition to the suffering of the war and the unnecessary loss of thousands of lives, will long-term damage the relations between the two nearby nations
(already disrupted by the Kiev regime's chauvinist propaganda) and worsen the overall political climate in Europe and in the world. The current Ukrainian war was primarily caused by NATO. In the end, these war events will hurt Russia and the other Slavic nations the most, as well as all the peaceful and progressive efforts in the world..!..
   It should not have happened, another solution should have been found
(for an otherwise certainly reasonable effort at denazification and demilitarization in Ukraine). It will do a lot of evil and it won't help anything good, it will damage everyone! It will delay the cooperation between nations and strengthen the imperial forces seeking wealth and world domination. To the detriment of all mankind..!..
   It is sad how the two fraternal Slavic nations, which bore the greatest weight and sacrifice in the liberation of Europe from Hitler's fascism, are now murdered in a senseless war..!.. Perhaps in the foreseeable future we will see something more positive ..?..
   Individual historically formed nations should not try to control or even liquidate, but enriche oneself with the positive they have arrived at, learning from each other. Stop the frog-mouse strifes and eventually join forces to preserve human civilization against the terrible threats that could destroy it : "Astrophysics and cosmology: - human hopelessness ?" .

Update April 2022 :
Unfortunately, military operations are still ongoing, an agreement has not yet been reached. The Russian military has opted for a protracted ground-based positional war, it does not wage street fighting in cities
(except in some strategic locations such as Mariupol) - as part of Putin's emphatic order to save the lives of civilians. Ukrainian soldiers often use this when they lack weapons and ammunition: they use the civilian population as a "living shield". Russian troops have withdrawn from the western regions around Kiev and are concentrating on military operations in the Donbas region.
Given the scale of military operations, the size of the territory and the population of Ukraine, the loss of civilian life is fortunately relatively low (about 1,500 so far). In relation to the size of the territory and the number of inhabitants, they are definitely significantly lower than they were during NATO's aggression against Iraq or Yugoslavia.
   Contributing to the failure of the original goal to overthrow or change the current Ukrainian political regime was the fact that the Russian army deployed only about 150,000 soliders for the invasion, while Ukraine had more than 260,000 soliders in arms and their numbers are still increasing by mobilization. It is clear that Russian president V.Putin has committed political suicide by allowing himself to be chess out by the US and NATO into this ill-considered move, which will fatally damage the entire region of Eastern Europe; and not only her, it will have a global adverse impact.
   The fundamental mistake of V.Putin and other Russian participants of the Ukrainian crisis, was that they did not go to a country with a brotherly Slavic population, where they would change the dictatorial regime and part of the population would welcome them. Rather, to an enemy country, with a population fanaticized by hateful chauvinistic propaganda. Even if (in a hypothetical scenario) the Russian Federation created a "paradise on earth" in Ukraine from the point of view of economy and politics - prosperity, perfect freedom and democracy - the majority of the population would still consider them as enemies that need to be fought and killed ..!..

   It shouldn't have happened! The approach of Ukraine is perhaps aptly suited to the folk proverb "As one calls to the forest, so one hears from the forest", or "Who sows the wind, can reap the storm". Unfortunately, this storm does not affect the real culprits -the sowers of enmity, but ordinary people
(only some of them partially participated in it by sharing and supporting national and political hatred)... However, from a global point of view, Ukraine is just a tool in the US superpower game.
   In connection with the tragic Ukrainian events, some other negative phenomena have arisen :
--> Deliveries of weapons and ammunition to Ukraine by some NATO member states. This will definitely not help to stop or alleviate the war, but rather opposite escalate the war! It will only cause the loss of other lives. War is a senseless evil which, instead of armed incitement, should be ended by constructive political bargaining.
--> The mass media has widely published reports of massacres of civilians
(in Buc, Mariupol and elsewhere), of which, of course, they "unmistakably" accused the Russian army. But with deeper reflection, this is not logical: the murders of ordinary civilians are militarily irrelevant, they can only have political significance. So it is quite unlikely that the Russian or Ukrainian army would do it (although the excesses of individuals or groups can never be completely ruled out..?!..).
   However, there are forces that have long focused on the murder of civilian fellow citizens: they are Banderos (discussed above in the section "Ukrainian Nationalism"). And the armed forces that are associated with them ("Azov") actually operate in these areas. So here perhaps it is possible to look for the real culprits of those crimes (if they really happened? - it would certainly be better if it was just propaganda camouflage and those people remained alive!) ..?..
--> The complete geopolitical blockade, discrimination and isolation of the Russian Federation, enforced by the governments of Western NATO countries. And not only in the field of economics and finance, export and import of products and raw materials, but also in the field of culture, art, scientific knowledge. That is, from areas that should not be artificially politicized. Some rectoscopicl cultural bosses were even bothered by the music of world classics such as P.I.Tchaikovsky, N.R-Korsakov, A.P.Borodin, M.I.Glinka, M.P.Musorgsky, S.Prokojev, S.Rachmaninov, D.Shostakovich, ....
From an area close to me, I would like to draw attention in a separate point to :
--> Interruption of scientific cooperation with Russian researchers and institutions. High-ranking academic staff (university rectors) and research institutions heads greatly betray their scientific mission as they torpedo the collaboration of scientific colleagues on projects important for the development of science and technology for all people. These researchers have nothing to do with frog-mouse political strife (they often oppose it) and devote all their efforts to the progress of their field.
--> Political censorship and suppression of freedom of speech in some Central and Western European countries. The only correct opinion is considered to be the official line of US-NATO political-military circles
(ie the primary culprits of the crisis). No deviations are tolerated not only in the attitude to the events of the war, but also in the assessment of the causes of crisis and their perpetrators. And some "rectoscopic" governments (like in Czech republic...) are trying to be even more "papal than the pope" (but now Pope Francis has enlightened views). Some Internet resources have been blocked, and people who express diferent opinions are targeted, threatened with dismissal from work, or lawsuits and justic persecutions. Mere doubt is considered a crime...
   The current regime would like to "stomp into the ground" all citizens who "do not salute according to them"
(or in the case of Ukraine, who do not fascistic hailing according to the regime there). Unfortunately, warmongers, who falsely claim that it is "our war too" and would like to drag us into it, have completely won in our government. And many of our people are so going crazy with propaganda, that they might be willing to accept it ..!?..
   Unhappy will be the people living in the territories that are temporarily under Russian control and will fall to Ukraine. The Kyiv regime, controlled by the Banders, is planning large-scale persecutions. They argue roughly like this: "You lived here when the Russians were here - why didn't you fight against them? You are therefore also our enemies and we will deal with you accordingly!". Many people are in danger of being driven from their homes, some of them may even be physically eliminated. However, these people just wanted to live in peace in their homes, work, take care of their families and develop their towns and villages. Not to die in pointless frog-and-mouse conflicts forced upon them by people ruling hundreds of miles away! Nothing similar is planned on the Russian side - people can continue to live here, regardless of their language and the nationality to which they claim, only they must not incite national disputes and hatred...

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