Mr. teacher Jáchym

Mr. teacher František Jáchym ( July 25, 1906 in Jindrichův Hradec, V December 3, 1985 in Konice) was probably the most prominent teaching personality who worked in Konice and its surroundings in the entire post-war history. He taught in Konice and its surroundings for more than 50 years, and the positive trace of his knowledge and moral legacy still lies in the minds of many thousands of former students who went through Konice Elementary School during his tenure. And they subconsciously pass on some of it to future generations ...
I could briefly characterize Mr. František Jáchym with this sentence, with which everyone who knew him better will certainly agree :

Mr. Teacher Jáchym was a type of wise and educated teacher, a charismatic personality combining the noble efforts of the former national revival with the exact thinking of modern times .

Frant. Jáchym was my best and most beloved teacher, who not only taught me a lot in my school years, but also significantly influenced my ethical and social attitudes. Even before he was my teacher of mathematics and physics in the 8th and 9th grades , I met him as the leader of the radio circle , which under his leadership became the best in the district. At that time, I made my first timid experiments in the field of electricity, which gave the methodical guidance of teacher Jáchym (together with the practical advice of radio technician Ladislav Zboril , unfortunately prematurely deceased), which resulted not only in very good erudition in electronics (radio design, electroacoustics as a lifelong hobby), but later also in the study of physicsat the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University (MFF UK) in Prague and the choice of this field as my profession .

Experiments formed the basis of the interpretation of physics School on the square in Konice - the main place of work of teacher Jáchym

At the level of scientific knowledge, Mr. Jáchym held the opinion about the balance of theory and practice - without practice (experiment and observation) the right theory cannot arise; can correctly interpret, incorporate and generalize the results of observations and experiments. At the level of teaching and its application in life, however, he preferred practice . His credit can be summed up by the proverb " Gray is a theory, a green tree of life ", or " A pinch of practice will cost a ton of theory ". His methodically well-prepared experiments captivated not only those interested, but also those students who did not incline to technical and exact subjects.

In addition to Jáchym's extensive knowledge and experience in technical fields , his knowledge of nature, geography, astronomy (he also led an astronomical circle) and overall cultural outlook deserved admiration - he was a very good expert on classical and folk music , which he was able to apply in music lessons. He also managed a small meteorological station in Konice".
  I regularly visited Mr. Jáchym for many years after graduating from school, when he was already retired and I studied at the Charles University IFF, even later when I was already practicing my profession as a physicist; until the end of his life. Mr. Teacher was excited by important scientific discoveries especially in the field of astrophysics - the theory of black holes and curved spacetime, or cosmology - the origin and development of the universe, the Big Bang. It is a pity that he did not live to see the publication of the monograph " Gravity, Black Holes and the Physics of Spacetime ", which I was just finishing at the time. Mr. Jáchym would undoubtedly be pleased with the philosophical-scientific work " Anthropic Principle or Cosmic God", to which he would certainly have a number of inspiring comments and his own observations. We always talked nicely" from heart to heart "not only about our favorite physics, astronomy (relativity, black holes, cosmology), electrodynamics and radio engineering, but also about music or philosophy and life in general.

Vojta Ullmann , grateful disciple of teacher Jáchym

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The Konice Municipal Cultural Center + a group of former primary school pupils in Konice would like to organize


on the occasion of 100 years since the birth of the unforgettable teacher


which will take place on Saturday,
November 25, 2006 from 5 p.m. in the hall of the cultural center at the castle in Konice

P rogram:

1. František Jáchym and his teaching, professional and cultural work in Konicko
(Eva Antlová)

2. Mathematics, physics and radio engineering in the conception of František Jáchym
(Jan Grepl, Vojtěch Ullmann, Václav Matějka)

3. Physical-philosophical lecture
U N I V E R S E :
Theory of relativity, astrophysics, cosmology - and we humans
(Vojtech Ullmann, physicist)

4. What Mr. Jáchym gave us in personal and professional life
- personal memories of former students -

5. Discussion, memories, friendly sitting, free debate.

We invite everyone who knew and loved teacher Jáchym, as well as others interested in mathematics, physics and beauty and the secrets of nature and space!

For the organizer: Eva Antlová, Vojtech Ullmann, Miroslava Hlavová